How it works

All you need is an idea to get started
Define your concept

Using the Lean Business Model Canvas, you will have the structured tools to identify and define market opportunities.

Find an audience

Take advantage of our database integrations which help you to gather the info needed for those in need of your solution(s).

Create your goals

Where do your see your business today, tomorrow and in 5 years from now? Our AI will help to recommend you accordingly and get you there.

Grow your startups

Connect with likeminded entrepreneurs, freelancers, partners and customers easier than ever before. Develop your products with our vast community.


Made to be Simple

Whether you're an expert, or a novice. You can use Startly with ease.

A simple and clean UI

Thanks to our friends at slashDESIGN Europe, we've built an easy-to-use UI that helps you deliver value to your project and future customers.

Easy to setup

Within less than 5 clicks you can start your first project. Our guided setup runs you through defining your concept using the Lean Business Canvas.


Anywhere, anytime

Download the app and always stay up-to-date

Available for mobile

To keep you connected, we've developed a mobile companion app with which you can message your team and keep track of your tasks.
Monthly Lifetime

Choose a plan.

Wether you are bricks-and-mortar company or a dynamic startup, Startly will answer your business needs as it continues to grow, add more courses, more business modules and more members to connect with.
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Frequent questions

1. How do i get started?

To register for a FREE Membership, simply signup to Startly above and your account is ready to go. For 30-Days you can explore the entire platform including all of its Premium Tools for FREE on the house

3. Will I have to pay for updates?

Any feature available at the time of your signup date, will be included in your current pricing. No need to worry about the constantly expanding set of features and services. Only those who sign up at a later date, will have to pay extra for new features.

5. Do you have a refund policy?

Indeed we do. If you're not happy after 30-days actively using our platform, we're happy to fully refund you and remove your account. You see, what is most important to us are happy customers. Profits can wait for another day.

2. How can i add people to my team?

After you have created your first project, you will receive a guided task that introduces you to the Team section and enables you to expand your team using your friends, family & colleagues, or the community for Entrepreneurs.

4. Can I access benefits as a member?

Some of our benefits may also be available to members. However, as a rule of tumb most benefits that deliver TRUE value to you, are business partnerships that require us to pay for an account manager so unfortunately we can only make these available to entrepreneurs.